Riders assemble and break down their own camps each evening and morning, respectively. Camping locations vary greatly depending on the town (it may be a park, fairgrounds, or campground) but all will have showers and restroom facilities of one type or another.

Breakfast is served early each morning to facilitate an expeditious departure by riders, although due to logistical considerations the departure on the first day will likely be around 9:00 AM. Much like the first day of the ride, it is recommended that each day riders dress and get ready to ride, pack and deposit his or her gear (detailed below) by the trailer, and then proceed to breakfast. Every rider must check out with a communications volunteer (those with radios) before departing camp each day, and check-in when arriving at camp.

Break stops are established at locations roughly halfway between the departure point and lunch, and halfway between lunch and the location of camp that evening. Break and lunch stops will generally wait for the last rider to arrive, but all riders must be off the road by sunset each day or will be transported forward as necessary. Water is available from virtually every roving support vehicle or roadside businesses in an emergency.

Snacks and refreshments are typically available at each camp location, affording arriving riders a chance to socialize before dinner. Dinner provides the perfect opportunity to orient riders to the subsequent day’s route, as well as a chance to review any issues and observations regarding the day just completed. While people are welcome to stay up as late as they choose, “lights out” (meaning quiet time around camp) is typically no later than 9:00 p.m. since most riders rise at dawn.