2024 Ski-A-Thon March 9, 2024

Our annual Ski-A-Thon is a life-changing event, not just for the participants, but for those whom the event supports. Children (and children at heart) with disabilities learn to face challenges and develop important skills through the programs of the United States Adaptive Recreation Center (USARC), programs supported by events such as our annual Ski-A-Thon.

On-Line Registration:

  • All registration is On-Line for Ski-A-Thon 2024
  • Individual participants can get started by clicking here to Register.
  • Raise a minimum of $250 before 3/9/2024
  • Check-in outside the USARC schoolhouse starting at 7AM on Saturday March 9, 2024.
  • Individual Participants must remit all outstanding pledges at registration On-site donations will count toward prizes but will NOT be recorded on-line until after Ski-A-Thon concludes!

Everybody wins!

Sponsors deduct donations, and participants receive the following...

  • Full-day ticket to Bear Mountain (with PRICELESS line cutting privileges)
  • Goody bag
  • Lunch voucher
  • Ski-A-Thon event t-shirt
  • Adaptive Equipment Demo Tent

.​..and USARC continues to offer life-changing programs.​