Volunteers are needed to serve in numerous capacities. In particular, professional massage therapists, photographers, and bicycle mechanics are welcome additions. Other duties include helping with the meal preparation, serving, and clean-up, or driving one of the roving communication vehicles.
The hours are long but the genuine gratitude of the riders makes for wonderful compensation, as does playing an invaluable role in the success of an event that facilitates wondrous changes in the lives of USARC participants.

All prospective volunteers MUST inquire with the USARC office BEFORE they can register to join the ride. Most positions are usually filled by mid-summer, so interested people should call the USARC as soon as possible.

Again, no volunteers (or friends and family members) are allowed to show up to volunteer without first being approved by the USARC staff!
Volunteer expenses such as vehicle fuel and incidentals are not reimbursed and should be considered a donation (for which a tax deduction is possible; consult your tax advisor for details.)