The intern will facilitate people with many different types of disabilities learning to snow ski, snowboard, or snowshoe during the winter, and water ski, kayak, fish, sail, and camp during the summer. Aside from teaching, the intern will also have the opportunity to be involved with program planning, meetings, volunteer coordination, and supervision. 

In addition to the intern’s primary duties (as a de-facto staff member) of assessing, teaching and documenting adaptive recreation activities for USARC clientele, the intern’s assignments will include (as appropriate): 

  • Provide written goals for the internship. 
  • Maintain a journal with a daily brief paragraph of the clients taught, experiential observations, relevance to NCTRC standards, and notes needing discussion or clarification at respective meetings with the intern coordinator. 
  • Based on the journal, attend weekly (or bi-weekly) meetings with the intern coordinator. 
  • Attend staff meetings. 
  • Conduct an in-service presentation to staff. 
  • Assist in the coordination of special events such as our Ski-A-Thon or Peak to Peak Pedal. 
  • Assist in the coordination of the Volunteer Recognition Party. 
  • Write articles for the USARC blog and newsletter, The Spirit. 
  • Choose one project from the following:
    • Design or modify a piece of adaptive equipment.
    • Prepare and present a case study of a USARC client.
    • Undertake a Level One P.S.I.A. adaptive instructor exam (Winter Only). 
    • Other approved projects meeting the needs of the program.